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Hard Covers Color Charts,Elegants Embossed Seals,
Initials styles,Words style and Messages styles.

Here you can find the variety of colors for some of the hard cards.Note:colors are lighter than shown.
Contact us if you want a card(flat,folded or stationery)with different combination of colors and with vellum,
like marble cover with pink vellum or transparent vellum.
Embossed seals and initials styles at the bottom of the page.

Marble colors & Linen colors.
Up:marble grey,blue,green & pink(lighter than shown).Down:linen colors;black,white,soft rose,soft natural,soft sage-grey & soft ivory.
Others hard-covers colors.
Used for folded cards or in flat card with more of one cover.Colors lighter.From left to right:sage-grey,light pink,mint green,light blue-white,light cream,pink,tan,
lilac,peach,ivory,grey & blue.

Hard cover for flat card.
Very heavy cover used for flat cards.from left to right:white,ivory,sage-grey,bone(natural)and blue.
Glossy and metallic covers for flat cards
glossy black,shimmer pearl-champagne iridescent linen,silver metallic & gold metallic.Also in copper(not shown).Colors are lighter than shown.
Parchment covers
from left:soft cream,soft grey,mint,tan,sage,light pink,sunflower(gold) and soft blue-grey.
Initials letters for the cards.
Choose from#001-#004,all of them in all the colors(gold,grey-silver,purple,lilac,pink,aqua,baby blue...)
Words styles for all the cards
Choose from #001-#005 and any color(gold,grey-silver,black,pink,aqua,lilac...)
Reception and Respond messages samples
This reception card is also a respond card.Respond card available.word style#001.Read information in page3,#8.

Wedding message sample
Wedding message sample in gold or other color.word style #001.If you like other message,contact me.
Elegants Embossed Seals
From left to right:round silver,oval silver,oval gold with words:"You're invited",square gold and heart in copper color.(add .15 cents for each seal in the pack or single card)Not for sale separetly,only with envelopes.Envelopes in photo page4 and photo page1.You can buy the color and style you like in combination.

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