Elegants invitations or congratulations cards for the dream moment of your life.You can send your favorite image or photo.
I recommend vellum papers because it's durability for the album of your greatest moments.
Colors:pink,peach,ivory,gold(opaque or bright),pearl,transparent,cloud,parchment or with thin line.

The message in front page can be change to:
Invitation,Our Anniversary,Our Wedding Invitation,You're Invited,initials,names or a part of a song,poem or bible verse...the words inside can be change,too,depend on line space.
NEW PRICES ALL BIG CARDS:2.00dollars per card (no envelope);2.10with regular envelope,tissue paper,reception/respond little card.

Add .10cents for envelope with foil in gold,silver or copper inside(look page 4).Add .10cents for additional little card(check page3#8).Photo cards at the bottom of the page.
Initials and words style in catalog page.You can send an image,logo,sketch for a card.

card1)thin lines vellum paper in soft lavender&white, with pink or transparent vellum over it.Folded card.Similar card in page 4;(2.00dollars) per card with ribbon in pink,white,black or grey.Email for set prices of all the cards.

2)Vellum paper thin lines in soft lavender&white(insert photo)with pink or transparent vellum in it.Flat;(with ribbon 2.00)per card

3)front:embossed-transparent vellum &cut flowers,with names or initials.inside:gold(or other color)vellum paper(2.00)per card.

4)shimmer iridescent white-pearl vellum embossed sides paper.Back:strong card(2.00)similar card#27.

5)front:embossed flowers painted in peach,pink or other color.inside:peach or pink vellum paper(2.00)

6)long card,transparent vellum,speckle vellum or cloud vellum,ribbon in top,little embossed at end.back:soft pink pattern,strong card.(2.00dollars)

7)front:lilies(embossed&painted in vellum) go around words.back:strong card with pale yellow oval(2.00card)Email for all cards set prices.

8)violets(or other colors) embossed, paint&glitter,transparent vellum inside(2.00 card)Also,for congratulation card.

9)peach(or other colors)flowers embossed,golden color in edge,ivory vellum inside(2.00).Also,for congratulations card.

10)2hearts embossed&gold color paint,hard card move in/out(card do not open)(2.00card)In other colors,too.email for set prices of all cards.

11)tiny embossed flowers&leaves with glitters(ribbon top)back:white strong card(2.00card)Email for set prices.

12)groom&bride(any other image),tiny flowers around,ivory or transparent vellum inside(2.00).Also,for congrat.card.Other style page4,#2.

13)envelope-like card & vellum embossed with tiny orquids color flowers(2.00).Available without the hard card,too.You can use it for congratulation card.

14)envelope-like card in mauve color with embossed tiny roses vellum;also available without the hard card&ribbon(2.00card)Email for set prices of all cards in this page.

15)"You're invited"card;this vellum paper has shinning fragments;card inside with roses pattern(2.00)

16)Communion tiny card,grapes,cup,bread or boy,girl with cross.price:1.65 each,reception card:in page3

17)put photo on card,with silver(or gold,copper,white)embossed little flowers.Also without the cut or photo.( 2.00)

18)roses and pearl,vellum with shinning fragments.(2.00card) Also,for congrat.card.

19,22)baptism(christening);dress-shape little card for girl or boy(look photo below)Tissue paper.(1.80 card)reception card:in page3

20)leaves&white roses(or yellow);ribbon open the middle of card or card move in/out without open.(2.00card).Email for set prices of all cards in this page.

21)heart tag in pearls chain,inside say:"I do"(or other message).embossed yellow(pink or other color)color flower is cut on top(2.00 )Also,for congrat.card

23,24)Flat hard card;rose pattern in aqua,pink(or lavender,sky blue;look page 2,4)with transparent vellum in aqua & pink colors words.Ribbon in aqua,white,pink,sky blue,lavender.#24 has embossed-cut fleur-de-lis at top & bottom to hold vellum paper.2.00

25)BABY PHOTO:send your baby photo to be printed in this little card.Bubble say:"Hi,I'm (name).Baptism(christening)or announce word can be written under the bubble.Also for first communion photo.with or without ribbon(1.80card)

26)TWINS PHOTOS or one baby,little card,for baptism(christening),announce,first communion.Cloud vellum outside,transparent embossed vellum inside.Also without photo.1.80.Use pastel colors in photo(not white or dark)

27)Outside:Delicate shimmer iridescent-white-pearl paper with cut flowers at bottom,silver color around flowers.inside:white linen card.2.00 card.similar card paper#4.

28)Baby little card in blue or pink,ribbon with flower sequin in middle,transparent vellum with message"Announcing...".Little angels in back card.(1.65 card).

29)Card with your photo or message for wedding,sweet 16,"Mis 15 A..."or anniversary.Cloud vellum,gold color paint at bottom,ivory vellum paper inside.2.00 card.send your photo with pastel colors,don't use dark colors or white.

30)Tiny flowers embossed,heart is cut.Inside:ivory vellum with names of bride & groom in front.2.00card.Also,for congrat.card.

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