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Flat hard cover cards and stationeries.Flat reception cards in extra-hard vellum(3 size)

NEW stationary cards at bottom of page.For card color and initials/letters style&color check catalog page.Prices for this cards:2.00-only card(no envelope);2.10-card with regular envelope,reception/respond card and tissue paper;2.20-envelope with gold/silver linen inside(or mulberry),reception or respond card,tissue paper.Check bottom of page for additional respond or reception page.Reception and respond card are made in hard paper-cover,except some of the vellum card include reception/respond in vellum card extra hard.

1)Any occasion,gold foil hard card.
Very heavy flat card with gold(or sparkle silver)foil in both sides and ribbon at top and bottom.For any occasion.With 3 big initials or anniversaries number.Also in metallic colors and glossy black (check color catalog page):2.00-card alone;2.20(envelope with gold/silver linen inside,reception or respond card,tissue paper).Check top of page for prices.

2)Any occasion,glossy cream & white.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

These card can be used with sand color ribbon or not.It has 3 hard cards,one in glossy cream color (or glossy black),check catalog page for colors.With 3 initials or other words like anniversaries;2.00-only card;2.10-card,regular envelope,tissue paper and reception/respond card;2.20card,envelope,reception or respond,tissue paper.

3) 3 leafs cut in the paper.
Any occasion.Front page has vellum with glitter fragments and 3 leafs cuts,behind it is a shimmer gold vellum and a heavy hard card.Initials or anniversary numbers in top.Check prices in top of page;2.00-card only
4)Sunflower yellow and dots.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
These card has pearl or ribbon.3 hard cards or 2.Check other colors in catalog page(also in black)you can choose any combination.Prices at top of page.
5)Cherubs in gold-black-white or silver-black-white
Left:metallic gold-glossy black-white hard cards,cherubs in middle in gold-yellow color.Right:metallic silver-glossy black-white,cherubs in middle in grey-white color.Metallics colors in one side of the card.Also available without the cherubs for any occasion.
Check prices in top of page;2.00-card only
6)Hard frame cards in linen.Any occasion.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Left:frame in shimmer-pearl-champagne color linen with 2 pearls.Image of a rose in back card and message in vellum.Right:frame in black linen with little gold glitter,2 roses in back card and words in vellum"Announcing the marriage of...".Other colors of linen in catalog page.Check prices in top of page:2.00-card only;2.20card,envelope,reception or respond card,tissue paper.
7)Stationery cards
In sage-cream color with bow & flower
or peach-cream color with bow & pearl.
Inside vellum paper & pearl.
Also with seals(or bow)
and solid colors(natural,ivory,white..)
color chart in catalog page.
Price:2.00dollars each
8)Flat reception cards,extra-hard vellum,3 styles>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
All of them available with any pattern edge and any color.
Left:Medium size,short waves(or flat edge).This reception card is included in some big vellum cards.If you want them without the big card,it is .18 cents.
Middle:little vellum reception card with short waves or flat edges for little vellum cards.If you want them alone,it is .10cents.
Right:Big size vellum reception card,flat edge or waves,this come with some big card,if you want them alone,it is .25cents.It include Wedding Place,Reception Place and R.S.V.P.Confirmation in the same card.
9)Square Stationary,oval flap.
This card do not need envelope.It is cream color with sandy grain.It has golden paper background and 2 cards inside.Price:2.10.Add .10cents for sunflower seal or .15cents for golden seals.
10)Little flower card

In other colors,too(cream,white,flower,baby printed,confetti,doves).This card  close only in the middle with a flower design.It has 2 little cards inside.Price:1.80,Envelope is included.Check here for colors:

Photo Page 3